Fantastic Puzzler ‘Tiny Bubbles’ Finally Hitting Android on November 21st

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After several years of development, Pine Street Codeworks launched their lovely puzzler Tiny Bubbles ($3.99) in the App Store this past May. Utilizing several different types of mechanics like matching and color blending all wrapped up in some of the most impressive bubble physics we’ve ever seen, Tiny Bubbles went on to become a hit with players and critics alike, and we laid out all the things we loved about it when we chose it as our Game of the Week when it came out. Seriously, if you have not seen it before then check out this trailer below because Tiny Bubbles in motion is a sight to behold.

Neat, right? Anyway, the only real problem with Tiny Bubbles was that it was iOS only when it launched, and Android gamers were eager to know when they could get in on the fun. Pine Street Codeworks promised that the Android version was on its way when they launched a big update to the iOS version back in July, and now even though it’s taken quite a while that Android version of Tiny Bubbles is finally all set to launch on November 21st. Yes, in just a couple of weeks Android folks will be playing with bubbles and feeling like a kid again. In fact Tiny Bubbles is actually available on Google Play right now as an Early Access release, but if you’re waiting for the official release version then check back in on November 21st.

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