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Tactical Battle Simulator ‘Knights and Glory’ Launching November 21st, Pre-Order with Bonus is Available Now

Last month we checked out an upcoming title from FredBear Games called Knights and Glory, which was described as a tactical battle simulator. In it you’d unlock various troop types that are represented as cards, and then you’d put together the strongest army you could to battle it out against opponents online as well as through a single player story campaign. The cool twist is that you can also unlock a cast of historical figures to help lead your troops in battle, like King Arthur, Robin Hood, and even Leonardo da Vinci, because why not. Knights and Glory looked really interesting, and in case you missed it from our post before here’s the preview trailer followed by a hero spotlight trailer of Robin Hood.

So at the time of our post last month, Knights and Glory was in search of beta testers, of which they found quite a few. The folks who had been beta testing have had positive things to say about the game in our forums, and now with their help it looks like Knights and Glory is on track for an official release in just a couple of weeks, on November 21st. If you are the pre-ordering type then you can click this link to pre-order the game in the App Store and FredBear even says that those who pre-order will earn themselves a special bonus once the game comes out. I’m not sure how that works logistically, but if it does work as advertised then that’s a nice idea for creating incentive for people to pre-order. Whatever the case, we’ll be looking forward to Knights and Glory launching later this month.