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Check Out the Demo of Upcoming Retro Shoot ’em Up ‘Skies of Chaos’ on iOS and Android

While there were a ton of great games released this week that I’m sure will keep mobile gamers plenty busy, there’s one more game I want to give a shout out to if you’re looking for something extra to have fun with over the weekend. It’s called Skies of Chaos and it’s a retro-revival shoot ’em up from a team of just two people, but you wouldn’t guess that based on how dang polished the whole thing looks. It’s not necessarily reinventing the wheel, you’ll shoot down enemies from all sides with a variety of weaponry that powers up with the more items you pick up and you have a slick barrel roll move you can trigger with a flick of your finger on the screen. Speaking of barrel rolls, there’s also a story being told via little cutscenes featuring anthropomorphic characters highly reminiscent of the Star Fox series. Thankfully no Slippy sightings yet. There’s also fallen soldiers which you can capture by hovering over them for a short period to earn additional bonuses, which reminds me of the Sky Force series. It all comes together in shockingly great fashion, as you can see in the trailer for Skies of Chaos.

So about a month ago, the developers launched an open beta on iOS, and now today they’re able to offer that to Android folks as well. The beta is just a short demo version of the game, but it’ll easily give you a taste of what will be in store when Skies of Chaos finally gets finished up and released. If you head over to the official Skies of Chaos website, you’ll find links to both the iOS and Android versions of the demo, and you can also sign up for their newsletter to stay on top of all the goings on with the game. Additionally you can follow Skies of Chaos on Twitter or on Instagram for frequent updates and new clips of the game in action. I’ve found the demo a lot of fun and quite challenging, so I really can’t wait for the full version to hit, whenever that may be.