Multiplayer Card Game ‘Cat Lady’ Hits the App Store

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I do my best to follow the world of board and card games, because it seems like there’s consistently really cool game design leaking out of that scene… but actually playing those board and card games isn’t something I’m able to do too often as most of my friends are married, have kids, and the idea of a board game night is something we’re just always talking about. This just makes the eventual mobile ports of these games so much better, as I can play the game everyone has been talking about, whenever I want, with random strangers or against AI. This is the case today with Cat Lady ($0.99), a card game I’ve seen a bunch of folks talking about on Twitter.

What I like about this particular release is that so often these board game ports come with the typical session time of a board game (which can be hours). Cat Lady is a fast-paced card game, with games that typically last around five minutes. The name of the game is pretty indicative of what you’re doing in it: Collecting and feeding as many cats as you possibly can. Here’s a fabulous video laying out all the rules, which you can learn in around three minutes:

Also like a lot of these digital board and card game ports, the mobile version of Cat Lady is far cheaper than the physical equivalent. It’s launching at $1.99, which is significantly less than the $24.99ish Cat Lady would run you at your friendly local game store. It features local pass and play multiplayer, as well as AI opponents you can play against instead with three difficulty modes.

If you like quirky card games (or have heard of this one before) definitely give the digital iteration of Cat Lady a look.

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