‘King Rabbit’ Updated on Mobile in Preparation for Cross-Platform Sequel

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Turning the clocks back more than three years to the summer of 2015 and developer Raresloth released their phenomenal puzzle platformer Furdemption (Free) to the App Store. You played as an adorable rabbit navigating grid-based levels avoiding all manner of hazards and figuring out how to reach each level’s goal. With a killer art style and smooth animations, not to mention fantastic level designs, we loved Furdemption in our review from back then and it went on to become something of a cult-classic amongst our community. Then the following spring Raresloth released a sequel called King Rabbit (Free) which we also loved in our review and offered even more fantastic levels and some great new features. King Rabbit received a TON of additional content post-release, including a slick level editor that allowed players to create and share their very own levels. Since then a strong community has sprung up around King Rabbit creating more than 27,000 levels to date.

Now, as was initially announced last year, a King Rabbit sequel is in the works and it’s called King Rabbit Furever. Why Furever? Because with the level editor and strong community of creators, you could play this game forever! This one will be coming first to Steam, since this will be the first time King Rabbit is on a platform other than mobile and Raresloth wants to ensure that it feels great on desktop first and foremost. Then of course it will be coming to iOS and Android, and best of all is that all versions will play nice with each other cross-platform. You can actually wishlist King Rabbit on Steam right now, or check out an early alpha build of the game on PC or Mac over on the Raresloth website.

So what about the existing King Rabbit on mobile? Well it was updated today and renamed King Rabbit – Classic to differentiate it from the upcoming sequel, and Raresloth has also added in a cool new feature that allows players to opt into notifications about “trending" created levels. Trending means that a created level is getting a lot of upvotes quickly and therefore is HOT so if you want to be on the bleeding edge of community created levels then this is the feature for you. They’ve also gone through and rebalanced many of the earlier campaign levels to have a smoother difficulty curve and tweaked a few other minor things in this update, which you can see in the update notes in the App Store. So be sure to check it out and look forward to King Rabbit Furever coming “soon-ish" according to Raresloth.

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