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Turn-Based Strategy Game ‘Farabel’ is Heading from Desktop to Mobile Next Week

Released on Steam a couple of years ago, Farabel is a turn-based strategy game from developer Goblinz Studio that has a clever twist. You actually start at the end of the game and work your way backwards towards the beginning. This means you’ll start out with maxed out heroes and as you progress through the story you actually level them down and make them weaker, as opposed to making them stronger. You’ll then need to use your skill and wit to take on enemies without all of the power you once had. It sounds like a pretty neat idea on paper, but I’m definitely curious to see how that actually plays out or adds to the experience in practice. Nevertheless, Goblinz is bringing Farabel to iOS and Android next week on November 1st, and it’ll contain all the additions of the version 1.2 update that hit the desktop version earlier this month. Check out the launch trailer for the desktop version below followed by the mobile trailer just after.

As for what you can expect in Farabel, there’s a Campaign mode where you’ll play as Cendor, the lord of Farabel, as you travel backwards in time across 26 different levels in order to to save your city from doom. Then there’s a Classic mode where you’ll build up your army in a more typical fashion and take on opponents through a series of battles. Then there’s Defense mode where you’ll build out an army and take on an endless wave of enemies as you try to survive as long as possible. Finally there’s Challenge mode which was added in version 1.2 which will give you a new battle to take on each day and you’ll compete against other players in monthly seasons. Farabel features 40 different unit types and 18 different spells and abilities for you to utilize. It sounds like quite a bit of content, and with the unique premise of Farabel I’m looking forward to checking it out next week.