Limited Time “Night of the Living Dead” Event Now Live in ‘Into the Dead 2’

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PikPok has been hitting it out of the park over the past year since releasing their zombie runner/shooter hybrid Into the Dead 2 (Free). The initial release of the game featured an outstanding story campaign with dramatic cutscenes and actually well-acted voice work, and the visuals and tremendously creepy atmosphere of the game were a huge leap over the original Into the Dead. However, they’ve kept that initial momentum going by way of special live events and updates that have added additional story content to the game, and their latest one might be the best fit yet. In celebration of the 50th(!) anniversary of George Romero’s groundbreaking cult horror film Night of the Living Dead, Into the Dead 2 has just kicked off a special live event that acts as a prequel to the film and follows its main character Ben as the events that lead up to him arriving at the farmhouse in the film are explained.

It is incredible to me that PikPok’s game is able to add this piece of official storyline to one of the most beloved horror films in history, and given the quality at which the previous story elements of Into the Dead 2 are told I feel like this latest live event will do the movie justice. Like the name suggest though, this is a live event which means it’s only running for a limited time. It kicks off today and runs through October 26th, so if you’re a Night of the Living Dead fanatic and want to see what sets the stage for the film or you’re just a huge Into the Dead 2 fan longing for more content, or if you’re BOTH, then check out this latest Night of the Living Dead live event inside the game right now.

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