‘Fire Emblem Heroes’ Patch 2.10.0 Adds a Harder Difficulty Optiong for Grand Hero Battles, Lets You Toggle Game Data Quality, and More

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Nintendo just released the big 2.10.0 update for Fire Emblem Heroes (Free) on both iOS and Android and it adds a data saving option in addition to a new difficulty setting for Grand Hero Battles. The daily Grand Hero Battle rotation maps will now have an Abyssal difficulty option once you clear the maps on Infernal difficulty. Clearing said maps on Abyssal difficulty will net you gold versions of accessories.

The Land’s Bounty Summoning Event begins on October 10 with Mia, Kagero (I’m going to try for Kagero), Niles, and Myrrh. There will also be a paralogue story accompanying the event. Patch 2.10.0’s new data saving option lets you switch to either Lite Data Version or High Quality Version. The Lite Data Version is about 75% smaller size wise and it will have lower quality visuals and sound. Once you switch, you will need to redownload all in game data. The Lite version is little under 280 MB while the regular High quality version is little over 1.2 GB.

Fire Emblem Heroes is still Nintendo’s big money maker on mobile devices. Dragalia Lost has the uphill task of competing with it and it remains to be seen how things play out a few months from now. I feel like Dragalia Lost has the potential to overtake Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp if the team manages keeping things fresh going forward.

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