MMO ‘Villagers & Heroes’ Gets Huge “Wrath of the Black Thrush” Expansion and Revamped Mobile UI in Latest Update

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Back at the end of February this year, developer Mad Otter Games brought Villagers & Heroes (Free) to the iOS App Store, joining the existing Android and desktop versions of the game to offer a fully-featured MMO experience right in the palm of your hand. Just a few months later a huge update landed for Villagers & Heroes dubbed the “Wellspring" update which added in a number of new features and content to the already robust game. Now Mad Otter is back with another big update that not only adds new content in the form of new Black Thrush story-driven quests, but also provides a totally revamped UI for players on mobile.

Mobile players can look forward to “Exciting new art and effects for quest rewards, A redesigned, more easy to use main menu, New grid-based mobile inventory, and All new storage design." There’s also new content for high-level players in the form of the Zorian Marshlands which includes new quests, bosses, and rewards. There’s also new repeatable group quests called Dungeons which will scale to the level of any player and provide an unlimited amount of gameplay where you can earn all sorts of rewards and prizes. I’m not a big MMO person but I’ve found Villagers & Heroes to be a ton of fun on mobile, and with it being free there’s no reason not to give it a shot yourself.

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