‘Golfing Around’ Gets a New 9-Hole Course and More in Latest Update

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Late last month developers Colin Lane and Matthew Barrie partnered up to release a new mobile golfing game to the App Store called Golfing Around (Free). Whereas the name Colin Lane may conjure images of wacky physics-based sports games, and with good reason, Golfing Around actually played more closely to an actual golf sim but in a format that was crafted specifically for mobile touchscreen gaming. And they pretty much nailed it as we enjoyed Golfing Around a lot in our review, and despite having a fairly robust level creator with a multitude of player-created levels, we wouldn’t have minded more than the included 3 9-hole courses that were crafted by the developers. If you felt the same then today is a good day as a brand new update has hit which adds a new 9-hole course called Sunny Sands.

In addition to this new course, the devs have also tightened up the level creation portion of Golfing Around. The public upload limit has been increased from 18 to 27, and you can now add a creator name to your created holes. You can also now view all of the holes a person has created and uploaded, and favorite a creator to create direct links to their created holes in the menu. And finally you can now share the link of a created course even if you aren’t the one who created it. I absolutely love Golfing Around as it’s nicely simplified down to work well on mobile but still retains a lot of the same strategy, decision making, and execution as a more robust golf simulation game. It’s free with ads and an IAP option to disable them for $2.99 so there’s really no reason you shouldn’t at least give Golfing Around a shot even if you’re not typically a fan of golf games.

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