The ‘Let’s Go Pikachu!’ Special Edition Nintendo Switch Bundle With the Poke Ball Plus Is Now Available for Preorder

The Nintendo Switch is getting its first “real" (with air quotes) Pokemon game soon, with Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Evee!. They’re also available in packs with the Poke Ball Plus controller (Pikachu + Poke Ball Plus and Evee + Poke Ball Plus), which we got to try at PAX and … I’m really sort of torn. It’s basically a palm-sized Pokeball with an analog stick on it and you can play the game both using said stick and different accelerometer-triggered throwing gestures- It even has an onboard speaker so you can hear the . I found it to be a little gimmicky, but I’m not the target demographic. If I were a kid who was wild about Pokemon, I could totally see this thing dangling from my backpack while I was at school and being super stoked about it.

Well, if you don’t have a Switch yet, or are just one of those Nintendo fanatics who likes to buy limited edition stuff, there’s special Switch bundles which are now available for preorder on Amazon- And, like the game, there’s two different flavors: Pikachu and Evee. This bundle comes with the Let’s Go game, the Poke Ball Plus controller, a special dock with both Evee and Pikachu on it, and yellow and gold JoyCons. Historically speaking, preordering this kind of thing from Amazon is by far the least amount of hassle you will ever experience getting some kind of limited thing Nintendo makes.

They’ll probably go fast, so if you feel this is $400 you need to spend, I wouldn’t wait too long to at least commit to the preorder as you have up until the thing actually ships to decide to cancel it- Amazon doesn’t even bill you until then.