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Hands On with Level Creation Platformer ‘Levelhead’ from Butterscotch Shenanigans

We’re almost two weeks out from PAX West 2018, but we’ve actually still got some hot news to share with you from the show! Due to a combination of both Eli and myself coming down with the dreaded PAX Plague, and just the general overwhelming nature of running a large site by ourselves, these last two preview videos have sadly fell by the wayside until today. Sorry about that! But the content is so good we knew we just had to share it with you, even if a little late. During PAX we were able to meet up with the fellas from Butterscotch Shenanigans and get a special private demo of their forthcoming mobile (as well as PC and Switch!) game Levelhead. It was a rare treat to be able to preview a game in the relatively quiet confines of a hotel lobby compared to trying to push our way through packed crowds and unbelievable noise to just catch even a glimpse of a game on the PAX show floor, and in this first video the Bscotch bros give us a basic overview of what Levelhead is all about and where it’s at at this point in development.

Next we “switch" gears to check out the Nintendo Switch version, which is actually a build running on a laptop, but trust me this is totally the Nintendo Switch version. You know how I know? Because we scope out some of the exclusive cooperative features that will be part of Levelhead on Switch. This includes being able to team up with a buddy for some couch co-op as you play through any of the levels in the game, but that’s not all. You can also team up to BUILD levels in the level creator together, and that is really a hoot. There’s also some nifty features built in like each player’s character being able to stand on the other to gain a little height, or being able to toss each other to and fro around the level to help each other get through a level. I mean you can literally carry your buddy through the level if you need to. Check it out.

Oh man. I played the mobile version and it’s extremely great and works super well with virtual controls, but that cooperatively play is just TOO MUCH FUN. This will most certainly be a “double dip" game for me. Now I just need to track down a friend so I’ll have someone to play with on Switch! If this is somehow the first you’ve heard of Levelhead, we got a demo of the game during GDC this past March and it’s really neat to see how far the game has come since then. Once they figured out the “carry the package to the end of the level" mechanic, it seems like everything just came together and the game finally found its mojo. Levelhead was also part of the Nindies Showcase we attended just prior to PAX and it was really neat to see these hard working indie devs in the mix at an official Nintendo event like that. Levelhead should be launching before the end of the year and we’ll let you know once a release date has been announced. I can’t wait.