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‘Bit Quake’ is a Rad Looking Side Project from the Makers of ‘Planet Runner’ that’s Looking for Beta Testers

Back in April we told you about the forthcoming competitive online platformer Planet Runners from developer Happy Doze, and thought it looked pretty awesome. Well, as the developer is gearing up for a soft launch of that game, they’ve also just unveiled a small side project they’ve been working on called Bit Quake that is rather awesome looking in its own right. It’s a mini arena shooter/platformer with rogue-lite elements that is described as “the love child of Crimsonland and Downwell" which is a mashup of games that I can totally get behind. Unfortunately all we have to show for Bit Quake is this single animated gif but it does give you a pretty good idea of what the game is all about.

Each time you play Bit Quake the set of levels you’ll play through is picked from a random pool so it should be a pretty different experience from run to run. There’s also a Survival Mode and the soundtrack itself is tied to the game’s multiplier system, which sounds pretty neat. As you can see it’s played in portrait mode with virtual buttons down at the bottom, very similar to Downwell, and I’m sure will be quite nice on the newly announced iPhone XS Max with its big old screen. While no release date or pricing has been detailed, Happy Doze is looking for some folks to beta test, so if you want to take Bit Quake for an early spin head over to the forum thread and drop your email for a chance to test, and we’ll continue keeping an eye on how this one shapes up.