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Stunning Puzzle Adventure ‘Where Shadows Slumber’ Finally Arrives September 20th

Way back a million years ago, in November of 2016, developer Game Revenant released an entirely too brief demo of their upcoming puzzle adventure Where Shadows Slumber, very appropriately titled Where Shadows Slumber Demo (Free). Yes, on the Apple App Store, where you’re supposedly not allowed to release demo versions, here was this demo. Go figure. Anyway, the demo was a stunning glimpse into what a full version of Where Shadows Slumber could be, and now nearly two years later we’re finally going to be getting that full version on September 20th, just about a week away. In Where Shadows Slumber you’ll manipulate light and create shadows which can then change the very environment around you, and you’ll use this to solve puzzles and make your way through the game. Check out the very awesome newest trailer.

It’s like someone took the ingenious shadow manipulation of Helsing’s Fire ($0.99) and mixed it with the hypnotizing isometric puzzling of Monument Valley ($3.99), which is a mashup made in heaven if I’ve ever heard one. As you can tell from that trailer, Where Shadows Slumber is also available for pre-order on iOS by clicking this link here. It’ll set you back $4.99 when it launches next Thursday, which sounds like a small price to pay if the full version delivers on the promise of its excellent demo. And speaking of that demo, if you haven’t tried it, why not do so now? Like I said it’s really short but it should make the wait for the full version’s release next week easier to bear, and even if you played through it back in 2016 it’s probably worth another go around as a refresher course. The iOS version is here (Free), and if you’re on Android the demo version is here but there’s also an open beta version if you REALLY can’t wait though it hasn’t been updated in quite a while and if I were you I’d probably just be patient, JEEZ.