‘Choice of Broadsides: HMS Foraker’ is the Latest Adventure to Hit ‘Choice of Games’

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With the well-liked choice-based gamebooks from Choice of Games (Free) now releasing exclusively through their hub app, it’s unfortunately a little easy for new game launches to slip by. Heck, I try to pay attention to these things and even I missed out on a new one about Dinosaur Knights that must have come out during my vacation. Dinosaur Knights! Well, the latest adventure has hit the app today, and I want to give a little heads-up to all the Choice of Games fans among our readers. It’s called Choice of Broadsides: HMS Foraker, and while it takes place in the same setting as the original Choice of Broadsides, it’s a totally new story from a different writer than can be enjoyed all on its own.

As you might have guessed from the title, this one is a nautical adventure, putting you in charge of a royal warship in the early 19th century. You’ve got a great degree of control over what kind of character you’ll play as, and even what sort of crew you’ll be commanding. Will you be an aggressive go-getter that claims as much treasure you can carry, no matter how much blood has to be spilled to do it? Or are you the type that likes to stay out of danger and pick up what’s left over? Lots of choices abound, as usual.

Choice of Broadsides: HMS Foraker is written by Paul Wang, whose previous efforts include Mecha Ace, Guns of Infinity, and more.  It’s not quite as lengthy as some of his other works, coming at around 85,000 words, but there’s plenty of interesting experiences to be had here even with the quicker pace. You can play the game with ad support in the app without paying anything, or you can unlock an ad-free version of the game with a one-time IAP. If you grab that IAP before September 13th, you’ll get it at half-price.

While you’re in the app picking that up, you might also want to check out DinoKnights by K.T. Bryski, a gamebook that offers just what it says on the tin. You even get to pick what kind of dinosaur you’ll ride! How can you go wrong? Anyway, whether you want to hit the high seas with HMS Foraker or charge into battle on the back of a triceratops, Choice of Games has you covered with their recent releases. Do give them a go if you’re as fascinated by these premises as I am.

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