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‘Bacon – The Game’ Will Join ‘Pancake – The Game’ and ‘Burger – The Game’ in September to Complete the Greatest Video Game Trilogy in History

All good things come in threes. It’s the magic number, you know? The original Star Wars trilogy. The Indiana Jones trilogy. Back to the Future. The Lord of the Rings. The Godfather (ok maybe not the third). You get the idea. This has proven true in the video game world too, though like in film many of the best trilogies continued on past the third entry and became lesser for it. The Sonic The Hedgehog series was a good example of this before Sonic Mania saved its butt last year. Then there’s the original Mortal Kombat trilogy. Crash Bandicoot. God of War. Halo. Mass Effect. Again, the list could go on. But they’re all about to be supassed in a big way when developer Philipp Stollenmayer releases Bacon – The Game next month, the exciting third entry in the God tier video game series that includes Pancake – The Game (Free) and Burger – The Game (Free). Behold.

So obviously I’m having some fun with the whole “greatest games in history" thing, but to be perfectly honest both Pancake and Burger are among my very favorite mobile games. All three games in the series use the absolutely perfect-feeling tap-to-flick mechanic, and each one puts a little spin on what the actual goal is. Pancake is simply about flipping a pancake and having it land back in the pan, Burger is about flipping burgers onto a stack to make the biggest burger possible, and now Bacon takes that and throws in… well, any weird thing you can think of. Everything is better with bacon, right? So try and flip some bacon into a wide variety of crazy objects. It’s all so simple but somehow so compelling. If you haven’t played Pancake or Burger previuously, they’re free so just go ahead and download them right now, and look for the trilogy to be complete with Bacon – The Game on September 26th.