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‘Wall Kickers’ is the New Game from ‘Bean’s Quest’ and ‘Duet’ Developer Kumobius, Coming September 6th

I’m ALWAYS excited to hear of a new game from developer Kumobius, makers of such classics as Bean’s Quest ($2.99) and Bean Dreams ($2.99), Duet Game ($2.99), Time Surfer ($0.99), and more. Their latest game is called Wall Kickers and it actually feels like it could be the wall-jumping cousin of their 2016 endless floor-climbing platformer High Risers (Free). In Wall Kickers your goal is to jump as high as possible using wall-jumping and backflipping mechanics. When you have a surface across from you, just tap to wall-jump and cling onto it. If you DON’T have a surface across from you, you can tap in mid-air to backflip back onto the surface you jumped from. Using these simple one-tap mechanics you’ll try to get as high as possible in Wall Kickers.

Like High Risers, the main monetiziation in Wall Kickers is based around unlocking a huge assortment of playable characters and environments. You earn random unlocks every 100 coins you collect or you can straight up purchase most of the items for 99¢ apiece. There are also some opt-in video ads to watch for things like a head start, a continue, and so on. Basically it’s stupidly fair and the kind of pay model that makes you want to spend a buck or two on something just to show your appreciation. I’ve spent a big of time with Wall Kickers already and can tell you that the mechanics are an absolute brain twister in the best way. It eventually starts to click and you feel like a total ninja flipping back and forth like a pro, and I can definitely see this becoming one of those viral sensations as people try to top each other’s high scores. Wall Kickers is all locked and loaded for a September 6th release and is up for pre-order now if that’s your thing, definitely check it out when it hits.