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‘Bloons Adventure Time TD’ is ‘Bloons TD’ with Adventure Time Characters (Duh) and it’s Launching August 30th

Here’s something that could almost be its own genre on the App Store: Adventure Time versions of popular games. And now we’re getting one more as the mega-popular Bloons TD franchise from Ninja Kiwi is partnering up with Cartoon Network for Bloons Adventure Time TD later this month. The original Bloons started way back as a Flash game before coming to the iPhone in the spring of 2009, and had you playing monkeys shooting darts at balloons. It spawned a number of sequels and spinoffs, including the original Bloons TD which launched in October of that same year and offered up more monkeys popping balloons with darts but in a top-down tower defense style setting, which was ALL the rage back then. These games have really resonated with fans over the years and Ninja Kiwi just launched the sixth(!) entry in the Bloons TD series earlier this year. Now with this new partnership the colorful cast of characters from Adventure Time are here to pop some bloons.

I really can’t believe it’s been nearly ten years since Bloons first came to the iPhone, and that there’s been so many additional games in the series released since then. City builders, shoot ’em ups, tower defense games…this is a franchise that just keeps chugging along. Bloons Adventure Time TD looks like a really well-done take on the formula with plenty of fan service for both Adventure Time and Bloons junkies. It’s set to arrive on both iOS and Android on August 30th, and if you’re in the Android camp you can actually pre-register for the game on the Google Play Store right now. iOS folks and those who are adverse to pre-registering can look for Bloons Adventure Time TD to arrive for free with in-app purchases at the end of the month.