‘Bendy in Nightmare Run’ Hits the App Store

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We’ve been following the release of Bendy in Nightmare Run (Free) since we first got a look at it back at GDC and learned about the Bendy … empire, for lack of a better way to put it. Finding out about these things is really one of the weird parts of the internet these days- Something you’ve never heard of which apparently has a following so huge that you can straight up go to your local shopping mall and buy Bendy merch. Anyway, the Bendy universe got its start early last year and the “main" line of games, Bendy and the Ink Machine sort of pull on a lot of similar strings as the Five Nights at Freddy’s games in that they’re horror games that make really good reaction videos. (Well, “good" being relative depending on how you feel about reaction videos.)

Bendy in Nightmare Run, on the other hand, drops all the jump scares for good old fashioned iOS arcade-y gameplay. There’s a few cool things about it that make the new Bendy game worth checking out if you’re not already into the Bendy universe. Instead of being a behind the back runner it’s more of a boss chase mode. The art style is super rad as well, with sort of an old time-y cartoon aesthetic that other games like Cuphead nailed so well. Here’s the game in action:

Do you need another runner on your phone? Maybe! If nothing else, Nightmare Run might just serve as a great introduction into the Bendy-verse, which are all available on Steam. The first one is even free, with chapter three through four coming in at $15.27 as a bundle. Worst case, you now know about Bendy when you hear someone talking about it.

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