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‘Hanger’ Developer A Small Game Releasing ‘BotHeads 2’ On August 22nd

I’ve been a fan of developer A Small Game for years now thanks to their wildly entertaining Hanger rope-swinging games, the original Hanger (Free) and its sequel Hanger World (Free). However, they’ve also diverged from that popular series a few times to release different kinds of games on mobile, and one of those was BotHeads (Free) which released in June of last year. This is a perfect example of a really awesome game flying almost completely under the radar. BotHeads could be described as a Lunar Lander-style cave flyer as you’d use left and right thrusters to control your little bot around a level. Here’s the trailer in case you’ve never seen it.

Most of these types of cave flyers demand precision and punish you for even the slightest of bumps into the environment, but BotHeads goes in the exact opposite direction and that’s what I always felt was so great about it. A large portion of the game is actually getting blasted across the ground by a spring and flying through loops similar to a Sonic game, and you’re even encouraged to run into certain objects and figure out how to best utilize the physics engine to accomplish your goals. BotHeads felt like a real breath of fresh air in the genre. Now A Small Game has revisited the concept “with fresh eyes" and has created a sequel that keeps “all the good parts that worked well in the first and added new stuff, like colors, characters and a level editor!" Here’s the trailer for BotHeads 2.

As you can see, they’ve ditched the silhouette art style of the first game for a much more colorful world in BotHeads 2. The game also now plays in landscape orientation as opposed to the portrait orientation of the first, which I think will be a better fit. And of course how could we not be excited over a full-blown level editor? Especially when said level editor lets you place cats that shoot laser beams around your created levels. That’s a five star effort right there, folks! A level editor and a strong community using it is what launched Hanger Worlds to that next level of success, so hopefully something similar will happen when BotHeads 2 launches next week on August 22nd. It’ll be free and you can click on this link on an iOS 11 device if you’re interested in pre-ordering the game, and seeing as the original BotHeads is free too you should definitely check that one out if you missed out on it last year. Also be sure to check out the forum thread to talk about BotHeads 2 ahead of its release.