Real-Time Grand Strategy Game ‘Realpolitiks Mobile’ Gets New Paid DLC Campaign

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Last year developer Jujubee released Realpolitiks Mobile ($5.99) to the App Store, a “streamlined real-time grand strategy game that allows you to become the leader of any contemporary nation." The game had been available on Steam prior to its mobile release and received mixed reviews, but considering there’s basically no other grand strategy games on mobile those looking for that kind of experience on the go didn’t have a ton of options. Following the release of the mobile version in July of last year, Realpolitiks Mobile hasn’t seen any sort of update since. That changed this week however as the DLC campaign which hit the desktop version back in March is now available in Realpolitiks Mobile. Here’s a trailer walking through the details of the New Power DLC campaign.

Like I said, there isn’t exactly a wide selection of grand strategy games on mobile, so if you’re into the genre then Realpolitiks Mobile is certainly worth investigating. I don’t play these types of games myself so it’s hard for me to comment on what’s good or bad about this game in particular, but alongside the launch of this new DLC pack the base game is on sale for just $1.99 down from its normal price of $5.99, so you could probably do a lot worse than take a punt on a game of this magnitude for a couple of bucks. Should you enjoy what you see then the DLC can be had for just $2.99. For some more impressions about Realpolitiks Mobile you can check out the thread in our forums and the new New Power DLC is available to purchase right now.

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