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Telltale’s ‘The Walking Dead: The Final Season’ Gets Official Trailer Ahead of its (Non-Mobile) Release Next Week

The journey of Telltale Games has been just as harrowing as that of its characters in their The Walking Dead adventure game series. While Telltale had been making games for nearly a decade prior, it was 2012’s The Walking Dead: Season One (Free) that took the video game world by storm and made the developer a household name. Their brand of adventure gaming mixed with quick-time action sequences and a cast of compelling characters and stories made that first Walking Dead game a massive hit. Telltale followed with The Walking Dead: Season Two (Free) and a third season titled The Walking Dead: A New Frontier (Free), but also applied a similar formula to pretty much any IP they could get their hands on. Cranking out games with too little time to fully develop them and with a staff that was running on fumes culminated in a massive shift last year that saw a new CEO brought in, a reduction in staff, and a renewed approach to how they’d be making games going forward.

The first product of this “new" Telltale is the final chapter in the game that brought them their success, The Walking Dead: The Final Season. They’ve taken their time with this one, and it features all sorts of fresh elements to help it break out of that rather stale mold of the well-worn Telltale formula: A new graphic novel-esque art style, a new over-the-shoulder camera view, unscripted combat encounters, a more open world to explore, and (thankfully) a new game engine. Over the past three games we’ve watched main protagonist Clementine grow up a lot since her timid days being protected by Lee in Season One, and now in The Final Season we see a Clementine who is a hardened survivor in her own right, now with her own little one to protect. She seeks refuge in an abandoned reform school where other young adults have made a relatively safe life for themselves, but as you might expect that veil of safety isn’t destined to last forever.

I’ve always loved the first season of The Walking Dead games the most, and while I enjoyed subsequent seasons I never felt like they had quite the same impact as the original. Everything I’ve seen of The Final Season indicates this might be the return to form I’ve been looking for, so I’m very eager to get my hands on it. Here’s the problem, though: Telltale has been entirely silent on whether or not The Walking Dead: The Final Season will be making its way to mobile. I’d find it hard to believe they wouldn’t release it on mobile, seeing as one of the things that helped the original game see such a massive level of popularity was people being able to play it on a tablet while on the go. It’s the type of game that suits the mobile platform extremely well. As of now though, the only announced platforms are PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

The launch date for those platforms is next week on August 14th, except for Switch regions outside of North America which will arrive at a later point this month. You can pre-order the game right now, and if you do so on Xbox One or PS4 you’ll actually receive every previous episode in the series immediately for free. On PC if you pre-order through Steam, GOG, GamersGate, or the Humble Store you’ll get 10% off the price of the game. All platforms other than Switch also have a playable demo available to try right now. Hopefully we can get some sort of word about a release on iOS and Android, but if you’re dying to see how this series will wrap up, you can look forward to playing The Walking Dead: The Final Season on these other platforms in just a few days.