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Control the Orbits in the Solar System So God Can Take a Vacation in ‘God’s Orbits’ Next Month

Using the orbits of planets has been something of a staple in the world of mobile gaming going all the way back to the beginnings of the App Store. There’s something inherently fun about figuring out the speed and trajectory needed to successfully orbit a planet without causing a collision. That’s the gist behind God’s Orbits from Tonight Game Studio. As the story goes, you’re keen on giving God a break in order to take a well-deserved vacation in Cancun, Mexico. So you’ve got to hop into the driver’s seat and keep the solar system spinning in God’s absence, which requires some extensive on the job training. Hey, we all smash planets together on accident sometimes, right?

God’s Orbits will feature 60 levels to complete and will include all of the planets in our lovely solar system. But wait, there’s more! It’ll also feature Suns, Antimatter stars, Neutron stars, Wormholes, and Black holes to contend with, all trying to screw up your perfect orbiting and make you look bad at filling in. While no specific release date has been set, we do know God’s Orbit will be coming in September to both iOS and Android and it’ll cost you $1.99, so if you enjoy these types of puzzlers be sure to check it out next month.