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Snapshot’s Turn-Based Tactical RPG ‘Chaos Reborn’ Coming to Mobile as ‘Chaos Reborn: Adventures’

Back in 2014 Snapshot Games, which was co-founded by one of X-COM’s ($4.99) original creators Julian Gollop, successfully Kickstarted a new tactical role-playing game called Chaos Reborn, which itself was something of a modern remake of Gollop’s 1985 release Chaos: The Battle of Wizards. Following an early access launch, Chaos Reborn officially launched in October of 2015 and went on to see critical acclaim from both players and press. Now in partnership with Big Blue Bubble, Chaos Reborn is heading to iOS next month as Chaos Reborn: Adventures. Check out the teaser trailer.

Now, there is a pretty spotty history of bringing beloved PC games to mobile not quite in their original form. Does anybody remember Dungeon Keeper (Free)? I’m not familiar with the original release of Chaos Reborn myself so it’s tough for me to determine exactly how different Chaos Reborn: Adventures will actually be, but one thing that should assuage any fears of existing fans is that the mobile release will not be free to play. It clocks in at $9.99 and doesn’t appear to have any IAP, so that’s a good sign. The trailer description states: “Chaos Reborn: Adventures offers an original take on an age-old genre, and promises to impress even diehard Chaos fans around the world. If it’s a challenging, immersive, and portable strategy game you’re looking for, this game is a must-try." If you’re on an iOS 11 device you can click this link to be taken to the App Store to pre-order Chaos Reborn: Adventures ahead of its release September 12th, and be sure to check out the thread in our forums to discuss this upcoming game.