Apple Is Now the First Publicly US Traded Company in History to Hit a One Trillion Dollar Market Cap

Apple stock holders are in for a treat today as just before noon Eastern time Apple crossed the threshold of being the first publicly traded US company in history to exceed a one trillion dollar market cap as individual shares blew past $207. Yesterday Apple had its best quarter ever, posting revenue of $53.3 billion and net quarterly profit of $11.5 billion. This is a result of their services business (which includes the App Store) being up 31%, and the iPhone X continuing to be a massive winner for the company, with iPhone sales accounting to 56% of Apple’s revenue across 41.3 million phones. Amusingly enough, Apple sold fewer Macs than any quarter since 2010 as nearly the entire lineup was outdated. It’s really sort of unbelievable how little the Mac means to Apple’s bottom line anymore.

These sorts of sites are unbelievably out of date now, as they largely spring up around the time Apple stock first started to skyrocket with the rampant success of the iPhone, but a fun (or not so fun) exercise is imagining how much money you’d have right now if you just simply would’ve bought and held Apple stock instead of classic Macs. (These numbers straight up hurt to look at, particularly considering how low they are compared to today’s value.) There’s also which calculates how rich you’d be if instead of having a child you just bought Apple stock. For my family, the’d be ahead over $27m, and that’s calculated based on the outdated stock price of $170. That’s sort of a … twisted way to look at things. Also, remember this clip from Forrest Gump, from 1994, which had viewers being like, “Heh, yeah, I sure did miss the boat on that?"

Anyway, congratulations to both Apple the company and everyone smart enough to be holding shares of Apple.