‘Phoenix II’ Is Getting a Second Anniversary Update, Includes 150 New Ship Varieties

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I feel pretty comfortable in saying that Firi Games’ Phoenix II (Free) is the TouchArcade community’s favorite bullet hell shooter. The thread in our forums has been rocking for quite literally years now, with the developers constantly adding features and functionality based on requests. Phoenix II also is one of those games that seems to be on the bleeding edge of supporting all the new bells and whistles Apple adds to new iOS devices. For instance, they were among the first wave of games (or maybe even the first game?) that supported the 120hz screen of the new iPad Pro. Anyway, to celebrate the second anniversary of the game, it’s getting another huge update.

As detailed above, the ships in the game are getting “apex forms," which sounds like an even deeper level of customization to the existing massive load out of ships in the game. 150 varieties in all will be available, giving fans of Phoenix II even more choices when it comes to completing daily challenges and all the other content they’ve jammed into the game since it was first released two years ago. Phoenix II has a super fair free to play model as well, with IAP that feels truly optional to boost your progress, which again, only has helped it be so beloved by our community.

If you haven’t checked this game out yet, fix that problem. If you need some additional convincing, check out our review, but just know the game has gotten a lot better since then through continued support from its developers.

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