‘Fortnite’ Playground Mode Returning July 25th

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Towards the end of last month, Epic Games added a neat new feature called Playground Mode to their global phenomenon battle royale game Fortnite (Free). It let you and up to three other friends create a game and drop into the humongous map to do pretty much whatever you wanted. Explore, build, just sit on top of a mountain and take in the scenerey… it was as close as the game has ever gotten to something like a practice mode or a Creative mode like in Minecraft. The mode was removed not long after due to some technical issues only to return with Epic then announcing early this month that they’d be, well, removing it again! Only this time they’d be removing it to flesh it out and add some more features. Today the official Fortnite account has tweeted that Playground Mode is due to return this week on July 25th. Huzzah!

This time around in Playground Mode you’ll be able to “Set up squad battles with new team select options, skirt around in an ATK and gear up with lots more loot." Another feature of Playground was that your character could respawn when killed as long as you didn’t die as a result of the storm closing in on you, so it appears that Playgound will be more akin to a typical team deathmatch mode (if you choose to play it that way) for those who aren’t into the single-death main Battle Royale mode. Look for the version 5.10 patch to hit Fortnite this Wednesday.

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