‘Prizefighters’ Gets Cross-Platform Online Multiplayer in Latest Update

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This past December, Koality Games launched Prizefighters (Free) in the App Store, a boxing game with arcade-like mechanics heavily inspired by the classic Punch Out! but with a more simulation-like career mode and character progression. Using incredibly intuitive touchscreen controls, Prizefighters played like a dream, and Koality has been busy adding all sorts of stuff to the game in the months since its release. This included things like TONS more customization options, additional options for controls, many tweaks to the career mode and the computer AI, and flags. So many flags. More flags than you could shake a flag at, which allowed people from all sorts of countries to create a boxer that represented where they themselves were from.

These updates culminated with a big version 2.0 release in March that added the much requested online multiplayer to the mix, as well as a new endless arcade mode. Oh and more flags, natch. Koality hasn’t slowed down since then though, and has continued to release multiple updates that have tweaked and improved the game further, and this week a really nice update landed that upgrades the online multiplayer and enables cross-platform online play between iOS and Android players.

Have a friend who hates Apple? (Shout out to my brother in-law.) Then settle it with a virtual boxing match! Do you hate Android? Punch that Android user in the face through the internet. Don’t care what type of phone somebody uses because that’s just silly? Then just have fun battling people online and knowing the player pool is now expanded by having both major smartphone platforms in the mix. Here’s a side-by-side look at a multiplayer match in action.

I really can’t understate just how much Koality has added to Prizefighters since its December release. Yes, the online multiplayer is a marquee addition, but each and every update includes a plethora of tweaks and fixes and new features, so much so that I’m very confident in saying this is the absolute best boxing game on both iOS and Android. Oh and did I mention that this latest update also added some new flags? Because there are even more flags now. Someday there will be no flags left to add.

If you haven’t checked out Prizefighters before, there’s no reason not to as the game is free to download and play. There’s just a single in-game currency which is used for things like upgrading your stats and skills and unlocking customization options. The coins flow quite freely during normal play, but you can also purchase a one-time premium unlock that removes the coin costs for re-speccing your stats or skills as well as including a few other benefits. It’s a super friendly pay model. So grab Prizefighters on iOS with the link below or on Android using this link to the Google Play Store and hop online for some cross-platform multiplayer fun, and be sure to head over to our forums for discussion and to line up some future opponents.

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