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First Trailer for Upcoming Mobile Card Battler ‘Marvel Battle Lines’ Unveiled at San Diego Comic Con, Pre-Registration Open Now

With San Diego Comic Con happening this week, there’s bound to be some Marvel-related mobile gaming news coming out, right? Well it looks like that’s exactly the case, as we’ve just got our first bit of news during the Marvel Games panel at the convention today with Marvel and developer Nexon unveiling the first trailer for a new mobile card battler called Marvel Battle Lines. This is “a new strategic card battle game featuring hundreds of iconic Marvel Super Heroes and Super Villains" and it’ll be a free to play game (duh) coming to both iOS and Android in 2018. Here’s the initial teaser trailer followed by a look at the actual gameplay of a battle between Thanos and Captain Marvel.

Your deck in Marvel Battle Lines will be made up of 12 cards out of “a roster of hundreds" of Marvel characters as well as various ability cards that can be used in a match. The goal of the game is to “strategically place cards in consecutive order on the 3×4 grid that makes up the field of play to create powerful battle lines and combinations that will damage their opponent’s health meter." Get your opponent’s health down to zero and you’ll win the match. The game will come with a full single-player campaign mode with a story written by Marvel writer Alex Irvine as well as a real-time turn-based competitive PvP mode.

You can pre-register for Marvel Battle Lines at the game’s official website, and if you do you’ll earn an exclusive Doctor Strange Super Hero card and 5,000 in-game gold when the game launches at some point this year. The site is also filled with plenty of additional screens and videos if you’re looking for some more information about Marvel Battle Lines.