PikPok is Teasing a Very Creepy Circus Update for ‘Into the Dead 2’

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Last October, just in time for Halloween in fact, PikPok Games released Into the Dead 2 (Free), their creepy first-person runner-slash-shooter. It built upon the strong foundation of the 2012 original with its dark atmosphere and satisfying zombie blasting, but this time around provided a level-based campaign that featured a surprisingly compelling (and surprisingly well voice acted) story about a father trying to get through the zombie apocalypse alive in order to get to his daughter and sister before the zombies got to them. The formula worked really well, and so this past May PikPok added to it with a huge new story-based expansion for Into the Dead 2 called “Divided" which focused on one of the peripheral characters from the main story. That too was well-received, and so now it looks like they’re ready to do it again with another story-based event, this time based on The Great Shelby Brothers Circus. Here’s a teaser.

Ok let’s just get this out of the way right now: circuses are terrifying. That terrible music, a bunch of ratty tents, ferocious animals left and right, and clowns. Freaking clowns. There is just nothing at all appealing to me about the circus, and there’s a reason that circus settings are often used in horror movies and the like. Seriously, who goes to these things?? Anyway, it does present a perfectly scary atmosphere for Into the Dead 2 that should fit right in with the rest of the settings in the game, so I’m looking forward to checking it out. There’s no word on a release date other than “soon" but if it’s anything like the Divided update we’ll probably get a few more teaser videos ahead of the official launch, so we’ll keep our eye out for anymore news on this godawful circus abomination coming to Into the Dead 2.

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