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‘Torque Drift’ Beta Begins Next Week, Sign Up Now for a Chance to Play Early

Back in October of 2015, Australian developer League of Monkeys released Torque Burnout (Free) to the App Store, a sort of sandbox-style drifting game. In it you’d take your souped up car and do various types of burnouts, drifts, and other moves in a small cement arena in order to hype up the crowd that was watching you and score the most points. The concept was sort of odd but it actually worked really well, and felt a bit like Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater in the way you strung together different tricks into combos. Now some of the folks behind Torque Burnout are working on a full-fledged, more traditional style drifting game as Grease Monkey Games. It’s called Torque Drift and we had a chance to check out an in-progress version of the game back at GDC in March, and we really liked what we saw. Check out the official trailer for Torque Drift to see it in action.

Now Grease Monkey Games is gearing up to launch an open beta test for Torque Drift, and they’re looking for some participants to put the game through its paces as they work towards its full launch later this year. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, then head over to the developer’s official website to sign up for the beta. The actual testing phase isn’t set to begin until next Friday, July 20th but it sounds like their might be limited spots available for testing so if you’re interested then be sure to get in line early. While you’re at the Grease Monkey website, also be sure to check out the team’s dev log videos as they are interesting glimpses into the design process of Torque Drift. If you’re not into the whole beta testing thing, then look for the final version of Torque Drift to launch before the end of the year.