The Final Phase of the ‘Minecraft’ Update Aquatic is Now Available

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During MineCon Earth back in November of last year, Minecraft ($6.99) developer Mojang announced a huge new expansion called Update Aquatic which would at long last bring interest and adventure to the largely barren underwater worlds in the popular crafting game. The update looked to bring nine new underwater biomes filled with creatures like sea turtles and many new types of fish; sea plants like kelp, coral, and sea grass; a new trident weapon; underwater caves and ravines where you might come across ruins or shipwrecks that can contain treasure maps which lead you to buried treasure; and much more. Following a beta test that began back in March, Mojang began rolling out some of the Update Aquatic features to Minecraft back in mid-May, and today they’ve released the second phase of the update bringing all the new features into the fold. That includes sea turtles, new mob The Drowned, bubble columns that can push you up or down in the water, and much more. Check out the awesome trailer.

Of course, while I’ve tried to highlight some of the major features of this update, there’s SO much more in Update Aquatic, and you can find out all the details of this latest phase over on the official Minecraft site. This update applies to the Bedrock version of Minecraft, which means it’s out now on iOS, Android, Windows 10, VR, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. But those playing the Java version on desktop will be happy to know that Mojang isn’t leaving you out of all the aquatic fun. The Update Aquatic will be hitting that version of Minecraft at a later date, and if you just can’t wait you can try out the latest pre-release version which includes some of these tasty underwater treats. So be sure to “dive" into the Update Aquatic content in Minecraft right now.

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