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Trippy Story-Driven Adventure ‘Radiant One’ Coming July 25th, Check Out this Crazy Trailer

I am fascinated with lucid dreaming. Our minds are so incredibly powerful and can create some of the most bizarre scenarios when we dream. It’s like making the impossible possible. When you’re lucid dreaming, you’re awake enough to realize you’re in a dream and can in some cases actually affect how that dream goes. And we all know just how real a dream can feel, so when you have the ability to influence your own dreams it’s almost like being some sort of all powerful being. Game studio Fntastic is working on an upcoming game called Radiant One that deals with lucid dreaming and what happens when you lose control and become trapped in your world of dreams. That sounds like a very frightening premise! Check out some of the amazing and weird scenes you’ll see in Radiant One in the following trailer.

Here’s the developer’s description of Radiant One: “Trying to escape from boring life and social media, one day Daniel found a mysterious book about lucid dreams. Very quickly he was able to do incredible things, create amazing worlds and fly during sleep until one day his dreams fell under the power of something inexplicable, something terrible conceived by the Universe itself… Help Daniel survive, pass the test and get enlightenment." Seriously, all of this just sounds crazy and awesome. Radiant One is scheduled to come to Steam, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Xbox One on July 25th, and until that time you can discuss this one and find some more information about the game in our forums.