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‘Between the Walls’ Looks Like a Cool Take on Single Player ‘Pong’, Coming to Mobile Next Month

Pong is about as classic as it gets when it comes to video games. Sure it maybe wasn’t the FIRST game ever made or anything, but it sure was the first one to go ultra mainstream back in the ’70s. And really, there’s nothing quite as pure as two players batting a ball back and forth trying to slip one past the other. That concept has been built upon numerous times over the past half decade, and one concept that I’ve seen quite a few times is that of playing Pong by yourself. Games like tennis or air hockey that Pong tries to emulate are at their best against another human opponent, and it’s just not as satisfying playing against a computer controlled opponent. So the idea of a single player Pong is to literally play against yourself, the ULTIMATE HUMAN OPPONENT. That the spin that Crazy Oyster Games looks to pull of with their upcoming game Between the Walls, check out the trailer.

As you can see, your goal is to bat the ball back and forth by rotating a set of paddles around and hopefully not let a ball slip by you. Between the Walls mixes things up with various levels with different paddle setups as well as special power-ups you can earn by hitting a paddle in a certain spot at just the right time. There’s also occasionally multiple balls in the mix to deal with too. While playing you’ll earn coins which can be used to unlock more than 20 different skins and more than 20 different wall modes, and there will be both leaderboards to compete on and achievements to unlock too. Overall I wouldn’t say that Between the Walls is breaking any major new ground, but it definitely looks like a solid take on the single player Pong idea. Look for it to arrive for free on both iOS and Android at some point in August.