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Third ‘Doctor Who Infinity’ Episode Revealed and Will Feature the Tenth Doctor, Launch Now Planned for August

Back in September of last year, Tiny Rebel Games announced Doctor Who Infinity, a follow-up to their immensely popular 2013 match-3 adventure Doctor Who: Legacy (Free). This new game will feature many brand new original Doctor Who adventures that utilize writers, artists, and producers who have all had a hand in working on Doctor Who media in the past, like the TV series and comic books. Tiny Rebel is also working closely with the actors from the show, and the goal is to have a very authentic Doctor Who gaming experience for fans. That original announcement detailed the first episode, titled The Dalek Invasion of Time, and back in May the second episode was detailed, titled The Orphans of the Polyoptra. Now Tiny Rebel has revealed the third episode and it’s called The Lady of the Lake, check out the trailer.

In addition to these three already announced episodes, Doctor Who Infinity will have three more episodes debuting during 2018, and if Doctor Who: Legacy is any indication, there will be many more episodes in the years that follow if the game ends up being a success. While the first of these episodes was originally planned to launch in the spring of this year, Tiny Rebel now expects Doctor Who Infinity to launch in August instead. It’ll be coming to both mobile and desktop, with the desktop version arriving first and the iOS and Android versions coming (hopefully) shortly after. You can visit the Steam page for Doctor Who Infinity here. The desktop version will come in a couple of different bundles: $11.99 for including the first two episodes or $14.99 for including the first three episodes, and subsequent episodes will be $5.99 apiece. Mobile pricing hasn’t been announced yet, but we should be hearing about that in the coming weeks, so look for more on Doctor Who Infinity as we head towards its launch later this summer.