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‘Myst’-like Puzzle Adventure ‘The Eyes of Ara’ Heading to iOS July 12th

One-man Australian indie developer Ben Droste and his studio 100 Stones Interactive released a well-received puzzle adventure for PC and Mac back in mid-2016 called The Eyes of Ara, and today he’s announced that the game will be arriving on iOS next month. The premise of The Eyes of Ara is as follows:

“When an inexplicable radio transmission begins emanating from an old castle, a lone radio technician is sent to discover the source. Explore the intricately crafted and sometimes whimsical rooms of the enormous gothic structure, manipulate the environment to solve perplexing puzzles, and unlock new areas while searching for the source of the strange transmission.

Track down clues and hunt for hidden collectibles to reveal the forgotten history of the castle and its former residents. What became of the people who lived there? How did the signal come to be? Who is the castle trying to contact? The only way to answer these questions is to locate all the secrets and reach the signal’s source."

Droste says that the iOS version of The Eyes of Ara “perfectly captures the experience of the original game and is a joy to play with the new touch screen controls" and in fact there have been several cool new features added specifically to make the mobile version great. This includes a new Journal System that tracks “all books, letter, notes, and clues that you find throughout each Chapter, giving you easy access to them at any time." The UI has also been tailored specifically for different device screen sizes as were all the puzzle cameras, ensuring that you’ll get a great experience no matter which size device you end up playing on. And that nifty Journal System will be patched into the desktop version of the game too, so don’t feel left out over there desktop players! If you’re the pre-ordering type, you can click this link on an iOS 11 device to be taken to the App Store to pre-order The Eyes of Ara, otherwise look for it to officially launch July 12th for $4.99.