Clever Apocalypse Survival Game ’60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure’ Getting New Content on Mobile

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Back in May of 2015, developer Robot Gentleman released their post-apocalyptic survival game 60 Seconds! on Steam. Unlike the tidal wave of post-apocalyptic sandbox survival games that had been launching around the same time, 60 Seconds! took a much more humorous and clever approach to the formula. Basically, you’re warned that a nuclear blast will be arriving in 60 seconds, so you have just that tiny amount of time to frantically run around your house gathering up whatever supplies you can grab and taking your family down into the bomb shelter. Once down there, you’ll need to use whatever resources you were able to gather strategically in order to survive for as many days as possible, making all sorts of tough decisions along the way. Like, do we REALLY need to keep our son? Our food would last a whole lot longer without him. You can get a sense of the dark humor and the gameplay in 60 Seconds! in the following trailer.

The following year in September of 2016, Robot Gentleman brought 60 Seconds! to the iOS platform as 60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure ($3.99), where its silly survival formula translated pretty well to the touchscreen. Now just over three years after the game’s original launch on desktop, and Robot Gentleman have announced that 60 Seconds! has passed the one million copies sold mark, and they’ve announced a bunch of different DLC coming to all platforms. On iOS that will be in the form of the Rocket Science DLC which is slated for sometime this year. We don’t know much about what that will entail, as the only description we have of the DLC is “Get ready to face a brand new challenge mode on mobile, which will put your scavenge phase skills to the test." Hey, whatever it is I’m onboard, as I think 60 Seconds! is a really unique sort of game on the App Store.

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