Every Single ‘Choice of Games’ Adventure is Now Playable in the ‘Choice of Games’ Hub App

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It’s only been out for a few months already, but the Choice of Games (Free) hub app has come a long way. It launched with just a small selection from the publisher’s rich library of interactive story adventures, a bare-bones interface, and no way to transfer your purchases of stand-alone adventures. Since then, they’ve added the ability to restore your purchases, put in some sorting options, and as of the latest update, have made every last one of their releases available to purchase and play in the hub app.

This represents some serious lemonade from lemons, as the only reason the hub app exists is because Apple forced the issue. In spite of offering a wide array of story themes, gameplay mechanics, and authors, the stand-alone releases were deemed to be too similar to one another by Apple. With no other option for releasing their games on iOS, Choice of Games created hub apps for both the Choice of Games and Hosted Games (Free) labels.

After the initial launch, the publisher has been pushing out fairly regular updates. Some of those were adding new titles to the line-up, while others were improving the overall experience. With the latest update, all 61 stand-alone Choice of Games releases are now available within the hub app. That also means you can restore purchases to carry any of the games you’ve already bought into the app. It’s likely that filling out Hosted Games will be next on the agenda.

With tons of different stories and themes to choose from, Choice of Games has got to be one of the biggest gaming hub apps on the App Store now. I’m not sure that I’d say there’s something for everyone in there, but provided you’re open to the idea of gamebooks, this is probably as close as you’re going to get to that kind of guarantee. If for some reason you can’t find anything you like, new releases come along every few weeks or so, making it worth keeping an eye out. There really is some great stuff in here, though, so be sure to check it out.

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