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Upcoming Platformer ‘Doge and the Lost Kitten’ Needs Beta Testers

After being out on Android for some time, developer Hot Teapot is now in the process of bringing their platforming game Doge and the Lost Kitten to iOS devices. Right away this game hits three really strong points for me: Dogs, cats, and platforming games. That is a trifecta of awesome right there. The game revolves around the titular Doge as he embarks on a journey to save the Royal Kitten, who was kidnapped by the nefarious Evil Chihuahua. I mean, it’s right there in the name, this guy is evil. Over the course of 35 handcrafted levels you’ll run, jump, and fly using a parachute as you collect coins and defeat baddies in your quest to rescue Royal Kitten. I love the little details of Doge, like the derpy look on his face and the tongue hanging out of his mouth that ever so gently sways back and forth as you move. You can see it in the following trailer.

If you’re in the world of Android, you might recognize Doge and the Lost Kitten under its much more simple title Doge Platformer over on the Google Play Store. However, now that the game is coming to iOS, Hot Teapot is looking for some people to beta test that version, so if you’re interested you’ll want to hop on over to our forums where you can send your email to the developer to get in on the Testflight beta. No release date has been set for the iOS version, but seeing as it’s already out on Android I can’t imagine it will take to long to arrive. Oh, did I mention that there’s tons of unlockable outfits and hats for Doge? Because that is very important. Dressing up a dog is important. Once the iOS version of Doge and the Lost Kitten gets a release date we’ll let you know.