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Minimalist Puzzler ‘Up Left Out’ Launching June 27th from the Maker of ‘Klocki’, ‘Hook’, and ‘Push’

We’re big fans of Michal Pawlowski’s puzzle games like Zenge ($0.99), Art of Gravity ($0.99), and his latest Scalak ($1.99). We’re also fans of Maciej Targoni’s puzzle games like Hook ($0.99) and Klocki ($0.99). And we were really big fans of when these two puzzle-creating dynamos teamed up to create the oddly satisfying button-pushing puzzler Push ($0.99). Now the latter half of that duo, Maciej Targoni, is back with another solo release of a new puzzler called Up Left Out.

Like his previous releases, Up Left Out is a minimalist game with no text at all, and all you’re told is that it’s a “game about unlocking stuff." The plan is to release Up Left Out on iOS, Android, and PC in about two weeks on June 27th, and the price will be a measly 99¢. If you want to check out the game ahead of time though, you can actually play the Flash version for free over on Kongregate, you impatient puzzler you. Otherwise look for this one later this month, and based on Targoni’s previous releases, this should be another great puzzle game experience on mobile.