Best New iPhone Games on Our Forums: ‘Card Tower Defense’, ‘Alvastia Chronicles RPG’, ‘Giants War’, ‘Alchemia Story’, and More

Well, we’re right in the midst of E3 week this week, but that isn’t stopping developers from releasing loads of new mobile games on to the App Store. There’s a good mix here too, between some neat new free to play stuff and another Kemco RPG that I’m sure Shaun will throw himself on for … reasons unknown. Alternatively, if it’s nice weather where you are, maybe spend the day observing Weed Your Garden Day, which apparently is a thing. (And a thing I need to do.)

As usual, here’s a listing of all the latest games to be posted to our forums. If you’ve got a game coming out this week and you don’t see it here, be sure to post it.

As usual, stay tuned for our full roundup later this evening!