‘Marvel Contest of Champions’ Wraps Up its Month of ‘Infinity War’ Content with the Arrival of Infinity War Iron Man

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This month has seen movie theaters dominated by Marvel Madness thanks to the long-awaited arrival of Avengers: Infinity War. All of the various Marvel games on the App Store (and gosh, there are a lot) got in on the event as best as they could. For Kabam’s popular collect ‘n battle brawler Marvel Contest of Champions (Free), that has translated to a full month of special quests, events, and of course, new characters. As the sun begins to set on this major milestone, the last of the new characters has been added to the game for players to try and add to their teams.

The event kicked off with the addition of a couple of members of the Black Order, the cream of the crop of Thanos’s army. Proxima Midnight and Corvus Glaive, who could both be seen in the Infinity War film, served as heralds of sorts for the events to come. Though neither of them had especially big parts in the movie, they’re both big fan favorites in the comic books, so it was great to have them join the roster. To balance out these forces of … evil? Neutrality? Not-good? Whatever you want to call it, we clearly needed a good guy or two to balance things out. And we all know how Thanos loves balance.

So the bearded Infinity War Captain America was added to the game, complete with his special Wakanda-issue shield. And since having Cap without Stark these days is like having Joey without Chandler, this week saw a special Infinity War Iron Man added into the game as well. He’s a beefy boy with a lots of cool synergies, so you’ll want to do what it takes to get him on your team. This is also the time to wrap up any limited time events connected to Infinity War that you may not have finished.

While there are perhaps a few other characters from the movie I would like to see in the roster of Marvel Contest of Champions, I suppose I can’t argue with their picks here. I’m pretty sure every Marvel app added some kind of bearded Cap, and it’s hard to disagree that Stark had a major role in the film. It’s been a solid event for the game, all in all, and it will be interesting to see what it and other Marvel games do during the excruciating wait for the next Avengers film.

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