‘Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth’ Out Now in English on iOS and Android

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Square Enix’s Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth ($17.99) is officially out in English today on iOS and Android. This is a port of the PSP version of Lenneth, which was itself an enhanced port of the PS1 Valkyrie Profile. The mobile version was originally announced earlier this year, and as our Shaun Musgrave wisely predicted, an English version would happen. And well, you can go and download it in English, so good call, Shaun!

Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth has you playing as the eponymous Lenneth, a Valkyrie who was once a human, who is assembling a crew of the souls of fallen warriors to fight in the coming Ragnarok, while figuring out what happened in her mortal life. Battles are turn-based, but all of your heroes attack in your turn based on the order that you choose. The combat takes place in a side view, which was why this game was called Valkyrie Profile, particularly since this was released as 3D RPGs were the norm.

The mobile port features controller support, but also has touchscreen-optimized controls. It is $15.99 at launch, and there are boosters available as in-app purchase, though we’ll have to see if the game has actually seen any modifications for these boosters, or if they’re just there as a convenience option. There is auto-battling available if you just want to experience the story, or if the game gets a bit too hairy, which it can on the hard modes. Autosaves and save-anywhere functions are also in the game now.

Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth is out now on both the App Store and on Google Play. Considering that any iOS game is prone to a random iOS update breaking it (or who knows, maybe Apple will introduce 128-bit processors at some point in the future), so if you’re concerned about archiving your purchase, maybe picking this up on Android is a good idea, where access to older OS versions and hardware is more prevalent, not to mention the greater ease of backing up your own purchases. Just don’t be an idiot like me and buy the game once on PSP, and then sell it for some reason like I did. Though, the game is actually not that expensive for a used copy on eBay. Hmm! I’ll just play it on mobile once I make my way through my massive backlog of games on other systems. Send help.


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