That ‘Valkyrie Profile Lenneth’ Teaser from Last Week is a Mobile Version After All

About one week ago, a mysterious teaser trailer for some sort of release related to the 1999 PlayStation classic Valkyrie Profile hit. The trailer didn’t give a lot of information, and made no mention of what platforms the project would involve. The biggest clue was that it used the name Valkyrie Profile Lenneth, which was the title of the 2006 PSP port/remake. Well, the official site for the game is up with more information, and it’s now known that this is in fact a mobile port of that PSP release. It’s due to hit iOS and Android sometime this spring in Japan, with a worldwide release of some kind highly likely.

Originally developed by Star Ocean creators tri-Ace, Valkyrie Profile is a rather unusual RPG. You play as a valkyrie named Lenneth on her travels through Midgard gathering the souls of the dead. Lenneth was once a human, and much of the story in the game involves her trying to piece together her forgotten memories of her mortal life. The profile portion of the title refers to the fact that the game is played from a side-view, which was quite unusual for an RPG in this era. While the game wasn’t a huge hit, it was praised by most who played it and has become a popular cult classic.

The game was re-released for the first time on Sony’s PlayStation Portable. Like Final Fantasy Tactics, this was a slightly enhanced port handled by TOSE. Unfortunately also like that game, Valkyrie Profile Lenneth suffered from some technical issues on the PSP. With any luck, those problems will be addressed in this upcoming port.

Valkyrie Profile Lenneth is scheduled for release on iOS and Android in the spring of this year. On iOS, you’ll need an iPhone 5S or up to play it, with a minimum iOS version of iOS 8. Most TouchArcade readers should be good to go, I’d think. Android users will need a device running at least OS4.4 with a minimum of 2GB of RAM, apparently. No English release has been announced as of yet, but since the original game and the PSP version both got released outside of Japan, I have to believe this one will come too. We’ll have more information for you as we get it.

Valkyrie Profile Lenneth Official Site (Japanese)