Fantastic Dungeon Crawler ‘The Enchanted Cave 2’ Gets a MEGA UPDATE with Tons of Stuff

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Follow me if you will back in time to early 2014 when indie developer Dustin Auxier released his hit Flash game dungeon crawler The Enchanted Cave ($0.99) on the App Store. Technically the game had been on iOS previously, as Dustin had contracted out the porting of the game to a third party studio who released an iPad version called simply Enchanted Cave way back in October of 2010. The truth though was that nobody, including Dustin, ever really liked that version, and so he took it upon himself to learn how to port the game on his own so he could do it justice. That original The Enchanted Cave was well-liked both by people who knew the Flash version and people completely new to the game, and its success afforded Dustin the chance to work on a sequel which would flesh out the concept and make improvements based on feedback of the first game. It was just over three years ago that that sequel, The Enchanted Cave 2 ($5.99), arrived on the App Store to much acclaim, including our own 4.5 star review.

Well, that was three years ago, and although The Enchanted Cave 2 was 64-bit compliant and thus was saved from the 32-bit Appocalypse it was still getting a bit long in the tooth. There were several updates in the months following the game’s release in 2015, but nothing since then. Until today as Dustin Auxier has released what can only be described as the MEGA UPDATE for The Enchanted Cave 2. In fact, the update is so MEGA that I don’t even know where to begin in describing it. There are new game modes, new heroes, new monsters, new weapons and items… pretty much new everything. There are also fixes galore, and new features like the ability to transfer game saves between devices and even full screen iPhone X support. Are you starting to see how MEGA this update is yet?

You can see a full rundown of everything in this new update on the game’s official website, but my major job here is simply to let existing fans know this MEGA UPDATE is here in case you don’t have the game installed presently, and to let people new to the game know that The Enchanted Cave 2 is a wonderful rogue-lite dungeon crawler that you should absolutely play if you haven’t before. Refer to our previously linked review or the many great comments about the game in our forums, and don’t hesitate to dive back into the cave with this brand new update that makes this three year old game feel entirely fresh again.

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