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Minimalist Puzzler ‘Bloki’ Arrives on May 16th, New Trailer Released

About a month ago, we posted the trailer for a very interesting looking upcoming puzzler from developer Junkhive called Bloki. In it you’ll create groups of colored blocks and adjust their position and the height of each square so that they match up with the various colored points on the screen, matching those points in both position on the board as well as their vertical position in the air. As Junkhive describes it, “It’s kind of like the next installment of the Rubik’s cube, but while the famed 6 color cube has its own set of algorithms that are well known and established, Bloki changes with each level. Every level has its own set of algorithms which constantly change and evolve as you form the figure with each move. And the best part is, you don’t have to know them to solve any of the puzzles – the spatial intelligence you are sure to develop while playing is more than enough to complete the challenges." It’s certainly a pretty tricky mechanic to put into words, but I think it’ll all make more sense if you check out this new launch trailer for Bloki which shows how the game works in motion.

As you can see, Bloki uses a pretty clever concept and is the type of game that will text your mental prowess in a great way. Junkhive expands on that base concept, “On top of that, the game introduces you to more mechanics as it progresses, such as tiles that change the colors of the cubes that have touched them, obstacles that limit your movement, and points which the figure cannot occupy, all of which add up to a challenging, mind-bending, but fun experience." During that original posting last month, Junkhive had said they’d hoped to launch Bloki sometime around mid-May, and it doesn’t get much more mid-May than May 16th, which is the game’s official release date. It’ll be just 99¢ and an Android version is also in the works and will launch sometime after the iOS version hits later this month.