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Check Out the Launch Trailer for Crescent Moon’s ‘Axe.io’, Which Hits the App Store This Week

Among the many, many things we saw at GDC this year was Axe.io, the next title set to be released by Crescent Moon Games as it hits the App Store later this week. If you missed our initial preview, the basic gist of Axe.io is similar to many of the “.io style" games in that it takes the basic idea of an MMO but distills it down to its absolute essence. In the case of Axe.io, that means brawling around in a fantasy setting with multiple classes, enemies, and even giant dragons. Check out the launch trailer:

These arenas are endless, and you just fight as long as you can before dying- At which point you compete with a place on a massive global leaderboard. It’s really exciting seeing these .io games “grow up," for lack of a better way to put it. Games like Agar.io (Free) are super fun, but are extremely basic at the end of the day. Axe.io both looks and feels a lot closer to what you’d expect out of an actual “full" game while still leaning heavily on what makes .io games tick.

Axe.io should hit the App Store along with the rest of the new games this week!