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‘SaGa Scarlet Grace’ Is Set to Release on August 2nd in Japan with a $40 Price Point on Both iOS and Android

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Square Enix have announced more details for the upcoming SaGa Scarlet Grace which is headed to multiple platforms including iOS and Android devices in Japan. If you aren’t familiar with this franchise or this game, SaGa Scarlet Grace is the newest title in the long running SaGa franchise. Wecovered Romancing SaGa 2 ($17.99) from the same franchise which has some interesting mechanics when it comes to how people grind in RPGs. SaGa Scarlet Grace is the first original console game in the franchise since 2002 and it has been written by Akitoshi Kawazu. Originally released only on PlayStation Vita in Japan, the ports to mobile and other platforms will feature various enhancements and improvements. Watch the newest trailer for the release below:

The PS Vita has a qHD screen which obviously isn’t full HD and the ports to iOS and Android in addition to other platforms will have higher resolution assets, shorter load times, improvements to movement, various quality of life improvements, interface options, and more. Today, Square Enix announced that this is set to release on all platforms on August 2nd in Japan. It will cost 4,444 Yen in Japan on iOS and Android which is roughly about $40. I’d love to see if this price point makes it over because even when new games that cost $40 or $60 on other platforms, come to mobile with almost no downgrades, some people still complain about the price and aren’t happy.

Now the question that is still lingering over this announcement is a possible English release. The fact that its still confirmed for Steam still has me expecting an announcement for localisation soon. There’s no way Square Enix ports this to Steam and has it in Japanese language only. In the past, Steam being mentioned in a Japanese trailer confirms and English release sooner rather than later. I’m definitely interested in playing this whenever it does show up on some portable device.

Did you end up playing Romancing SaGa 2 and like it enough to want more from the franchise? You might not be waiting too long given the Japanese release date. Check out the official Japanese website for SaGa Scarlet Grace here.


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