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New Teaser Video Shows Off the “Stars” of the Upcoming ‘Pixel Stars’ from Ogre Pixel

Ogre Pixel, developer of such personal favorites as Warcher Defenders (Free) and Swipe Casters (Free), unveiled two of their new projects during GDC last month. One is called Pixel Stars, and it’s a fairly straightforward endless running game where the focus is totally on unlocking and collecting a huge cast of characters. Those will include parodies of plenty of recognizable people including video game stars, real-life celebrities, characters from movies and TV, and more. We actually got a quick demo of an early version of Pixel Stars when we were at GDC, and enjoyed it a lot. Today Ogre Pixel has released a new teaser trailer for Pixel Stars which aims to show just how many characters you’ll come across in the game.

According to Ogre Pixel, they’re on the final stretch of development for Pixel Stars and are just adding the final touches to the game. The plan is to release it at some point in the next few weeks, so not long to wait now. As for the other game we saw of theirs at GDC, the “30-second Metroidvania" Jumper Jon, that one is also very much still in the works but is further out than Pixel Stars. They’re currently deciding on the final art style for it, and if you want to see some of the mockups of what they’re considering, then check out this blog post or just follow Ogre Pixel on Twitter for all sorts of updates. We’ll be keeping our eye on both of these promising games as progress continues.