Side-Scrolling Beat ’em Up ‘Golem Rage’ Now Available in the App Store

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It’s inevitable that there will be some stragglers after we post our weekly list of new game releases, and in today’s case that straggler is none other than the stylish side-scrolling beat ’em up Golem Rage ($2.99) from Zuki Games. We’ve been following this one ever since we first laid eyes on it back in June of 2016, and after a lengthier than planned development cycle and multiple beta test periods, the game is now finished up and available on the App Store. The idea behind Golem Rage is that it’s a runner blended with beat ’em up elements, and you’ll play as this charming and misunderstood golem who everyone is out to attack. As you run through each level your goal is to get to the finish as quickly as possible, smashing, bashing, and destroying anything and anyone that gets in your way.

Your adventure will span seven unique environments and you’ll face off against numerous enemy types with unique attack patterns. You’ll need to learn how enemies behave in order to react to them, and along the way you’ll unlock special trinkets and items to help you out. If this sounds like the sort of thing you’d see in a free to play game, you’re right, but Golem Rage is actually a fully premium game with no IAP and no internet connection requirement. Just like the good old days. I have a huge soft spot in my heart for the incredible runner/brawler Punch Quest (Free), and it feels like there’s some elements of that classic in Golem Rage. If you like the sound of it too then give it a look, and stop by the forum thread to share your thoughts.

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